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Special offer
500g POKE bowl salmon 4,11
/smoked salmon, jasmine rice, avocado, cucumber, radish, spring onion, sesame oil, soy sauce, black sesame, wakame
500g POKE bowl chicken 11
/marinated grilled chicken meat, wakame, avocado, corn, radish, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, rice - dressing included in price
500g POKE bowl haloumi 7,11
/grilled haloumi cheese, avocado, carrot, stewed broccoli, grilled zucchini, grilled mushrooms, radish, mix of salads, sunflower seeds,olive oil - dressing included in price
500g POKE bowl vegan
/avocado, rice, carrot, stewed broccoli, grilled zucchini, grilled mushrooms, radish, cucumber, mix of salads, sunflower seeds, olive oil, soy sauce, sesame oil - dressing included in price
50g Cosmo yogurt-herb spicy dressing 7
50g Cosmo mayonnaise spicy dressing 7
50g Homemade yogurt-herb dressing 7
30g Teriyaki sauce (vegan) 6


Cold starters
120/50/60g Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil,
extra virgin olive oil, olives, pizza bread 7
3,30 €
70/30/100g Jamon serrano (dried ham) with homemade basil pesto
and pizza bread with Greek virgin olive oil and fine garlic
3,60 €

0,33l Homemade chicken broth
/chicken, vegetables, noodles/ 1,6,9
1,80 €
0,33l Garlic soup with cheese and toasted bread
potato, leek 1,3,7,9
1,70 €
0,33l Vietnamese soup "Hanoi"
/chicken broth, chicken, rice noodles, black mushrooms, leek/ 1,9
2,10 €
0,33l Tomato soup
/ and pizza rolls/ 1,9
3,20 €
0,33l Tomato soup with cheese
/ and pizza rolls/
3,50 €
0,33l Tuscan tomato soup with pizza rolls
with basil and cream
3,50 €

Beef dishes
200g Sirloin steak (from cellaring South American sirloin)
Would you like "well done" , "medium" -intermediate well-done, "medium rare" or "bluer rare" ? We recommend you bloody and sliced – it is the most juicy meat.
12,80 €
300g Sirloin steak (from cellaring South American sirloin) 17,40 €
200g Rump steak (quality aged meat at the request of cut) 8,30 €
300g Rump steak (quality aged meatat the request of cut)
11,80 €

Homemade sauces (pffefer, barbecue, parmesan)

1,40 €

Mushroom sauce with bacon and onion

2,20 €
200g Great steak tartare+ 8 toast pieces 13,20 €

American hamburger XXL
Homemade bun, quality beef meat, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce, BBQ sauce, ketchup, steak fries

7,40 €


American diablo hamburger XXL
Homemade bun, quality beef meat, tabasco, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, chilli peppers, BBQ sauce, ketchup, steak fries

7,40 €


Kiklop hamburger
Homemade bun, quality beef meat, bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg, american dressing, fried onion, lettuce, ketchup, steak fries

7,30 €



Pork dishes
330g Pork GYROS
/pork, onions, spices, 3 potato pancakes, zazziki with cucumber / popular complete dish 1,3,7
6,90 €
150/50/200g Grilled snails from pork tenderloin with bacon on a skewer
with spicy Thai sauce, Belgian crisps / on request- extra spicy
8,20 €
200/70g "Steak" with mushroom sauce (with bacon and onion)
/one piece of pork tenderloin natural with sauce, vegetable garnish /9,10
8,80 €
200g "Steak" wrapped in coloured pepper
/pork tenderloin natural with coloured pepper, vegetable garnish / 9
6,60 €
180/50g Chief shepherd´s steak
/ pork, smoked cheese, bacon, coated in batter, vegetable garnish/ 1,3,7
6,50 €
150/50g Devil saute
/ pork tenderloin, mushrooms, tomatoes, hot peppers /
6,70 €
210/40/160g Grilled pork tenderloin with prosciutto (jamon serrano)
with plum sauce and fried potato chips
8,50 €



Poultry dishes
330g Chicken GYROS
Slovak chicken breast, potato pancakes, onion, spices, zazziki with cucumber, The most favourite meal of our guests-do not need garnish/ 1,7
6,90 €
400g Fried rice noodles with meat and vegetables
/ rice noodles, chicken breast, fresh mixed vegetables prepared in a wok / 1,6. - suitable for a gluten-free diet
6,80 €
140/60g Gordon bleu
/ chicken, ham, cheese, breadcrumbs / 1,3,7 vegetable garnish
6,20 €
200/50/180g Chicken steak with grilled baby pears
and sweet chilli sauce, Belgian potato chips / 6,9
8,60 €
350g Asian Risotto
/ chicken breast, carrot, leek, Chinese cabbage, peas, black mushrooms, pepper, jasmine rice, egg / 3,6,
6,20 €
250g Kung - Pao
chicken, fragrant mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mixed vegetables, peanuts Prepared with the finest ingredients in WOK. / 2,5,6,8. At your request we will prepare with spicy chilli or without peanuts
6,30 €
180/50g Chicken stuffed breast "Roma"
/chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoe, mozzarella, ham, dried tomato sauce,vegetable garnish/ 1,7
6,50 €
150/50g Fried chicken fillet in sesame
vegetable garnish 1,3,7,11
5,60 €
200/80g Chicken steak with camembert sauce and cranberries
vegetable garnish 
6,80 €

Sweet chilli chicken
marinated chicken breast, fried potatoes, onion, coloured peppers, leek, sweet chilli sauce

7,20 €




Salmon steak with grilled vegetable
virgin olive oil

8,50 €
180/50g Salmon steak with parmesan sauce
/with cream and vegetable garnish/ 3,4,7
8,50 €
180/60g Salmon Steak
/lemon and vegetable garnish/ 4
8,20 €



Pasta dishes
We offer quality fresh Italian pasta with selected ingredients. Taste and let us know.
320/50g Tagliatelle with homemade basil pesto and chicken breast 1,3 6,10 €
320/50g Tagliatelle with salmon and alfredo sauce 1,3,4,7 
cream, butter, parmesan, spices
6,90 €
320/50g Tagliatelle with mushroom sauce with pork tenderloin 1,3 6,90 €



Cheese dishes
150g Shepherd cheese
/ Slovak smoked cheese with ham fried in batter / 1,3,7
5,50 €
140g Fried cheese
/ 45% Slovak fried cheese / 1,3,7 garnish extra charge 0.40 €
4,90 €
120/30g Grilled camembert with cranberries
/ grilled camembert, cranberry jam, garnish / 7
5,20 €
370/30g Gnocchi with sheep cheese
with sheep cheese and bacon, exchange for onion on request.
4,70 €




Fresh salads
360/30g Fall Ceasar salad with toasted croutons
/grilled chicken breast, pears, fried bacon, lettuce, romaine lettuce, parmesan, delicious homemade dressing 1,7
5,80 €
360/100g Slovak salad with slovak smoked cheese, pizza bread
/grilled smoked cheese, bacon chips, mix of lettuce, radish, cherry tomatoes, sheep cheese, red onion, nuts, creamy sauce with chive - vegetarian on request 1,3,7
330g New York (vegetarian on request)
/ two kinds of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, toasted croutons with herbs, carrot, sesame chicken nuggets / 1,7,10 recommend American dressing 0.40 €
5,40 €
330/100g French salad, pizza rolls
/ iced and colourful salad, fried camembert, cherry tomatoes, radish, carrot / 1,7,10 We recommend domestic French dressing 0.40 €
5,70 €
320/100g Salmon salad, pizza rolls
/ grilled salmon steak, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, colourful salad, lemon, Greek virgin olive oil /We recommend fresh herb-yogurt dressing
7,80 €
320/100g Yummy salad with pizza rolls
/ lettuce, grilled chicken breast with sambal manis sauce, tomatoes, onion, parmesan, gorgonzola 1,7
6,20 €
320/100g The colourful mixed salad with pizza rolls
and grilled chicken meat in honey crust / 3 kinds of coloured lettuce, cherry tomatoes, radish, grilled multicoloured peppers, chicken breast in honey crust, sweet corn, virgin olive oil, lemon) 1
5,70 €
120/220/100g The colourful mixed salad with grilled beef meat and balsamico, pizza bread
/mixed salad, argula, rump steak fillets, virgin olive oil, parmesan 1,7
6,90 €
 50g Dressings - homemade
Greek, Yogurt with herbs, Lemon-honey, French, American, Garlic
0,40 €



Vegetarian dishes
250g Mixed vegetables in asian way
Black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mixed vegetables in WOK / 2,5,6,8
5,80 €
300g Rice noodles with mushrooms, spring onion, coconut milk, chilli (in curry sauce) 7 5,20€



Sweet pancakes
320g Pancakes with berries
/ 1 large pancake, forest fruit pieces, chocolate, whipped cream / 1,3,7
4,30 €
320g Pancakes with whole raspberries
/ 1 large pancake, whole raspberries, chocolate, whipped cream / 1,3,7
4,30 €
280g Pancake with Nutella
Nutella and whipped cream
4,20 €
320g Nutella pancake with banana
/ 1 large pancake, Nutella, chocolate, whipped cream / 1,3,7
4,50 €
320g Nutella pancake with cranberries
/ 1 large pancake, Nutella, chocolate, cranberries, whipped cream / 1,3,7
4,40 €
340g Pancakes with raspberries and mascarpone
/ 1 large pancake, raspberries, mascarpone, chocolate, whipped cream / 1,3,7
4,60 €



Dishes to beer and wine
230/50g Pizza sticks with cheese sauce 1,7 4,40 €
340g Pizza sticks stuffed with cheese and ham 1,7 4,40 €



Side dishes
220g Butter potatoes 1,60 €
200g Fried potatoes 1,80 €
160g Belgian potato chips
1,60 €
160g Steak fries - thick 1,60 €
220g Jasmine rice 1,70 €
40g Potato pancake 0,70 €
60g Tartar Sauce 0,60 €
50g Ketchup 0,60 €
1 slice Bread 0,30 €
80g Grilled vegetable with virgin olive oil 2,20 €



Various desserts according to current offer (the waiter will tell you)
100/50/40g Chocolate souffle with berries
/vanilla ice cream and whipped cream/ 1,3,7
4,20 €

Ice cream sundaes
250g Big ice cream sundae Day and night
/ three kinds of ice cream, hot chocolate, whipped cream, tube, topping / 1.7
3,60 €
250g Banana ice cream sundae
/ 3 servings of chocolate ice cream, banana, whipped cream, tube, topping / 1,7
3,70 €
190ml Copa nata
/ creamy dessert with walnuts, caramel and pieces of sugar almonds
3,50 €
250g Big ice cream sundae Raspberry Kiss
/ 3 servings of vanilla ice cream / raspberry ice cream, hot raspberries and whipped cream / 1.7
3,70 €



Meals for children
80/100/30g Sesame chicken nuggets, French fries
ketchup 1,3,6,7,9,11
4,10 €
80/100/30g Fried cheese with ham in batter, French fries
ketchup or tartar sauce 1,3,6,7,9
4,20 €
260/30g Tagliatelle with tomato sauce sprinkled with parmesan 1,7  4,00 €
280g Shredded pancakes with forest fruit and chocolate 4,00 €